New Boost Your Mood Group

Learn to boost your mood by joining us on a six-week voyage of discovery to tackle low mood and depression, using CBT tools and techniques.   

From Wednesday 11 January โ€“ Wednesday 15 February 2023, the group will meet at 1.30pm-3pm at Revive MS Support, led by final year counselling students Natalie McCall and Ian Stewart.

There will be opportunity to share your experiences of MS, and how it impacts your life, alongside learning strategies to hack your mood. The group will be 6 to 12 people.

To book, please contact reception on 0141 945 3344. (If you are currently on the counselling waiting list, joining this group will not affect your place on the list). 

Poster for Boost Your Mood Group. The Revive MS logo is at the top of the page. The text says "join us on a six week voyage of discovery to tackle low mood and depression using CBT Tools and techniques. From Wed 11 January, 1:30pm - 3:30 pm