At Revive, we strive to deliver high standards of care support for everyone who accesses our clinical services. We are committed to continually supporting clients, families and friends in a caring, compassionate and safe manner.

To make sure we are providing excellent support provision through our clinical services we use the NHS framework of Clinical Governance. This is a system of approach which all NHS organisations are accountable for continually improving quality provisions, as well as safeguarding standards of care, in an environment where excellence in clinical support can flourish and the client is at the heart of the support being provided at all times.

Clinical governance incorporates seven areas known as the seven pillars of governance. These pillars do not stand alone but are brought together to help in developing excellence.

Process of Governance

1. Risk Management 

We have put robust processes in place to understand, monitor and minimise the risks to patients and staff. These are based on national tools including risk assessments as well as oversight from senior staff, regular meetings and reports.

2. Clinical Audit 

To ensure that clinical practice is continuously monitored and improved, we have a regular programme of clinical audit. This takes place every six months taking appropriate action so that we are able to plan effectively for the implementation of changes and improvements for the benefit of everyone who accesses our services.

3. Education, Training and Continuing Personal and Professional Development โ€“

All staff, clinical and non-clinical, take part in an annual appraisal system which links into their personal development programme.

All registered healthcare professionals are obliged to maintain their CPD to ensure their clinical skills are as up-to-date as possible and they can continue to practise. All their CPD activity will be documented as an integral part of their learning portfolio in line with the professional council standards.

We ensure all staff, clinical and non-clinical, are provided regular in-house training such as updates on basic life support, health and safety, and information governance.

We also provide support for attendance at courses, external training, conferences and other means of education support according to professional development need to help maintain up to date standards of evidence-based practice.

Our clinical staff meet regularly to review departmental policies and procedures, examine any critical incidents that have occurred and review feedback from the annual client experience survey in order to implement any changes that may be necessary as a result of its findings and recommendations.

4. Clinical Effectiveness 

Our clinical governance processes are designed to use data, feedback and reflection to ensure we deliver the best evidence-based and client-centred care.

5. Information 

We are transparent with clients about how we use their data in order to deliver the best possible clinical care. At Revive all information is stored in a secure manner electronically. We will aim to continuously improve data quality and encourage clients to participate in their own clinical support and be involved in making the decisions which affect them.

6. Client and Carer Experience and Involvement 

We proactively ask for feedback from our clients, their families and carers allowing everyone who accesses Revive to have a voice in how they wish to be supported, ensuring we are listening and responding to needs. We give clients the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and to provide feedback either verbally, in writing or through our client experience survey.

7. Staffing and Staff Management 

Our management team work with our clinical teams to support quality and efficiency in the recruitment, induction, retention and management of staff. We aim to provide an openness culture to allow all staff to feed back in how they wish to be supported, to develop and contribute to service delivery. We pride ourselves on a highly-skilled team who are encouraged to continually seek development to aid in delivering the highest standards in supported treatment.