December 6, 2023

Microphone and headphones. Text that says Revive MS Podcast.

The December episode of the Revive Podcast is now Available

The December episode of the Revive podcast, with our friends at Sunny Govan Community Radio, is now available. You can listen now on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon podcasts and on the Revive Podcast page

In this episode, we’ll be talking about winter issues.

Jill French, our Lead Physiotherapist, and Darran Lightbody, Physio Assistant at Revive, will be offering tips and tricks for getting exercise and staying active during the colder months; Alan Steven, Welfare & Benefits Officer, and Gareth, one of our Revive clients, will be sharing their experiences with the cost of living crisis, offering money advice and how you can get support; Andrew Kennedy, Chef & Café Manager at Revive, will be talking us through hearty seasonal recipes and cooking suggestions; and Geraldine Mynors, Counselling Coordinator at Revive, will be helping us look after our mental health and giving suggestions of how to stay connected with other people and activities this winter.

Winter exercise:

Welfare and benefits:

Andrew’s recipes

Mental health