Revive MS Support provides a range of high quality, professionally accredited services for people affected by MS.

All clients who are new to the centre or are attending after a prolonged period of absence are seen initially by our MS Specialist Nurse at the centre.

Clients generally self-refer but GP referrals are always welcome. GPs will be informed by letter of their patient’s initial access to Revive MS Support and of the therapies which will be offered. If a patient has expressed an interest in our Oxygen Therapy then the GP will be asked if there are any contraindications which would preclude their patient from accessing this therapy.

Enquiries are always welcome and information about the specific effects of Multiple Sclerosis both in general or for individuals can be shared with GPs and other allied health and social care professionals on request.

You may wish to refer any patient living with MS, carer, or family member for support. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to symptom management. You can either call us to discuss further on the number below or complete our HCP referral form.

Please contact Julie Dock in the first instance using the number below.