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Julie Dock is Revive’s resident MS Specialist Nurse and Clinical Lead. 

Julie is here to provide support, guidance and clinical advice in all aspects of managing your symptoms. We work collaboratively with your local MS Specialist team to provide further care and assistance. 

Julie is an experienced specialised nurse with many years of working with MS and other neurological conditions. She understands the challenges of living with a progressive neurological condition and how that impacts not only your day-to-day life but also those who support you. She is the first person from our clinical team you will be in contact with and can assess symptom management to support all activities of daily living needs.  

Making an appointment 

Anyone affected by MS can access the services we provide here at Revive. Referral can be from your GP, Consultant or MS Specialist Nurse or you can self-refer by contacting our reception team on 0141 945 3344 or through our contact page

When you first attend the centre, Julie will be your first appointment. She will provide an initial assessment prior to you accessing our clinical services. You will have the opportunity to discuss how MS affects you physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Julie can then help to advise on further support within Revive such as Physiotherapy, Counselling, Speech & Language Therapy, Podiatry or Continence.  

She can also offer personalised, specialist advice as well as liaising with your MS Specialist Nurse or GP if required.  

As MS is unpredictable in natural, appointments are flexible. We offer face to face, telephone or online support to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Face to face appointments will be in a private, relaxed environment and you can attend with a family member or companion if you wish. 

To provide ongoing support we can provide review appointments to look at ways you may require further advice and input.

Call on 0141 945 3344

Alternatively use our contact form