Speech & Language Therapy can help with a range of MS symptoms

Speech and language therapists (SLT) can help people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the management of communication or swallowing problems.

A person with MS may see an SLT due to concerns about their speech, voice, cognition or swallowing.


All referrals for people with MS are welcome. When you first contact us, you will be put on a waiting list to be screened by our MS Nurse. If you are an allied health professional, you can refer into the service by using our HCP form which can be found under information for health professionals.

Other common issues for people with MS are those that involve thinking, remembering and reasoning. Around 45-65% report these cognitive changes. This can involve problems with concentration, memory, processing information or complex thinking. For instance people may struggle with remembering appointments or have word finding difficulties. We can help by identifying difficulties and working either one to one or in the Memory Matters Group.

Over 44% of people living with MS report experiencing problems with their speech or voice. The most common form of speech problems experienced by people with MS is slurring or slowing of speech. This is called dysarthria. People may also have a weak or rough voice which is called dysphonia.

If you have a progressive rather than relapsing remitting MS and are experiencing other physical and cognitive changes you may have more significant speech difficulties. However, some people find very little change in their speech.

At Revive we look at the mechanics of your speech but also understand the importance of the effect of the symptoms. We want to help you focus on what matters to you, whether making a speech at a wedding or strengthening your voice to sing!

Speak & Sing

Our regular Speak & Sing group is a relaxed and fun way to strengthen your voice and make friends. Learning songs may also help improve memory and cognition.

Each session includes:

You can see a list of songs from previous sessions on our Speak & Sing YouTube playlist

About a third of people with MS experience swallowing difficulties or dysphagia at some point in their lives. More significant symptoms are more likely if you have more advanced MS. However, mild or occasional difficulties can occur early on in MS and during relapses.

At Revive, an SLT will assess how your swallowing is affected. We can then give advice and support on how to make eating and drinking easier and more comfortable.

At Revive we will tailor our support to help you maximise your confidence in yourself. The first appointment will be to find out more about you and the troubles you are having. How much contact you have with an SLT will depend on the nature of your symptoms. We can offer virtual appointments as well as see you at the centre.

We will work together to help you understand more about your difficulties and provide support and treatment programmes to help.

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