Hands clasped together

Multiple Sclerosis impacts the person diagnosed but it also affects their wider circle. At Revive, we recognise the invaluable role played by carers.

We are here to support everyone affected by MS including:

Support For Carers

Everyone is welcome to visit our centre and access our services. You can come with the person you are caring for or attend by yourself.

Caring for someone with MS can impact your mental health. At Revive, we have complementary therapists whose treatments can help you to relax.

We also have counselling services available. Our counsellors have experience working with both people with MS and carers. They can help you work through issues from a carerโ€™s perspective.

Supporters’ Groups

We run regular small, informal groups for carers. These allow carers to exchange ideas and issues with others in a similar situation. They are friendly and confidential spaces for the group to talk about whatever is on their minds. Contact reception on 0141 945 3344 for information about current groups.

You can watch a series of videos with three members of our Supporter’s Group talking about their experiences on our YouTube channel.

Coming to Revive

To use our services, get in touch and arrange an appointment with our MS nurse to discuss your circumstances. Our nurse will recommend how best to access our services.

Revive wants to hear from you if you are in any of the above groups. If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on what we might do to help or support you.