Your Will – Your Gift – Our Future

By leaving a Gift in your Will to Revive you can guarantee that people affected by MS will receive life-changing support. Revive already makes it possible for people to live full and active lives, every year.

A person in a jumper sat in a chair

Why Bill left a gift to Revive

“I’ve had MS for over 37 years, but only now need a wheel-chair. I get the support I need at Revive: physio, chiropody and a dedicated MS nurse to turn to. This has kept my brain ticking and helped me stay in work all these years.”

“I’ve just retired after 45 years with a major company in Glasgow, proof that, with the right support, you can live a full life with MS.”

I wanted to give Revive something of real value to say thanks – I decided to leave a gift in my Will so that they can help more people like me. It was the obvious thing to do.”

Bill McLellan

How to make or change a will

You might know someone with MS yourself, either in your family or at work. But, like most of us, the only time you’ll be able to give a bigger donation to a charity is when you die. These days it’s easy to leave a gift to a charity in your will

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