Cafe with several tables and plastic chairs. A door at the back of the room is open.

The café has one entrance leading off from the reception area. The entrance is an open corridor that measures 211cm / 83inches wide. There is also a door to the café from the hallway at the entrance. This measures 92.5cm / 36.4inches wide. This opens inwards towards the café space.

The café entrance is 6.9m / 22.6ft distance from the reception desk.

There is vinyl flooring throughout the café.

The chairs either have no hand rests or high sides. The tables and chairs in the café are not fixed or bolted to the floor. All the furniture is movable, please ask a member of staff to help if required.

Lighting is a mix of natural daylight and overhead bulbs.

The café menu includes soup, toasties and biscuits. The menu is written in chalk on a blackboard, and a member of the team can read it to you on request.

Vegan and vegetarian options are always available, please let our staff know about any food allergies.

Table service is provided. Please pay for your food and drink at reception.

There is a library of books, board games and DVDs in the café space. These are placed on a bookcase with four shelves, at 116cm / 46inches in height, 83cm / 32.5inches in height, 50.8cm / 20inches in height and 16.5cm / 6.5inches in height.

A book case with four shelves. The shelves are filled with books.

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