The front entrance has level access and is a power door which opens outwards towards the pavement.

The pavement at this point is on a slight incline.

If you require support to enter the centre, you can call reception on 0141 945 3344 and a member of staff will meet you in the car park.

There is a buzzer to the right-hand side of the door that you need to press to gain access if the door is closed. The buzzer is 112cm / 44inches up from the ground.

The doorway opening measures 76cm / 29.9 inches wide.

The front door of a building, The door is open.

There is also a doorway at the other side of the building, this is primarily a fire exit and measures 76cm / 29.9 inches. Please use the main entrance for primary access. If you require to use the rear doors, a member of staff will meet you.

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