Iain McWhirter, Chief Executive Officer

Julie Dock, MS Specialist Nurse (Clinical Lead)

Jill French, Lead Physiotherapist
Isabel Horsfall, Lead Physiotherapist
Suzanne Marshall, Physiotherapist
Lucy Hogarth, Physio Assistant
Darran Lightbody, Physio Assistant
Sheila Millar, Physio Assistant
Javier Orozco, Physio Assistant
Mariana Ribera, Physio Assistant

David Hinds, Oxygen Therapy Technician

Andrew Lucas, Complementary Therapist
Margaret Smillie, Complementary Therapist

Geraldine Mynors, Counselling Coordinator
Annemarie Kane, CBT Counsellor

Alan Steven, Welfare and Benefits Officer
Anja Ruegg, Advocacy Officer

Susan Daly, Senior Coloplast Nurse
Lesley Douglas, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Continence Adviser

Jacqui Ritchie, Speech & Language Therapist
Mariam Winton, Speech & Language Therapist

John Bruce, Podiatrist

Elinor Waiters, Senior Manager: Finance & Facilities
Levi Kelly, Operational Support Officer
Elle Livingston, Reception Assistant
Andrew Kennedy, Café Manager

Rochelle McGuinness, Community & Events Fundraiser

Julie Cathcart, Head of Communications & Engagement
Scott Burgess, Communications & Engagement Officer

Bonnie Thomson, Grants Officer

Laura Fitzpatrick, Cleaner