Physiotherapy at Revive

Physiotherapy can help people with MS at any stage of their condition. It plays a therapeutic and preventive role in the management of MS symptoms. It can also help you maintain your physical abilities.

Our team of physiotherapists are very experienced in working with people with MS. We adapt all our interventions to your own specific needs and abilities.

We offer a range of physiotherapy services for people of all abilities. We provide one-to-one appointments and a range of exercise classes. These include Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, MS Get a Head Start, and our general exercise classes.

Our team works closely with colleagues in the NHS, and we aim to provide a seamless service.

On your first visit, one of our team will perform an assessment. We will then discuss with you the most appropriate treatment and exercise.

Possible benefits of physiotherapy

  • Improved awareness and understanding of movement
  • Enhanced fitness
  • Improved management of pain
  • Improved function and joint mobility
  • Improved balance
  • Maximise strength and coordination

Exercises To Try Yourself

What you say about our exercise classes

“Invigorating and Confidence Building”

“A Feel Good Factor”


“Everyone Together”


Our physiotherapists are available at our Govan Centre and can offer virtual appointments through ‘Near Me’.

Call on 0141 945 3344

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