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This blue t-shirt is a simple and stylish way to show your support. T-Shirt front features the Revive logo and back features our logo and the text "SUPPORTING People LIVING WITH Multiple Sclerosis ACROSS SCOTLAND". Made from breathable material, The tee is ideal for all sponsored challenges and fundraising events.

  • Available in S, L, XL & XXL
  • 100% Polyester

Image description: Two bright blue t-shirts hang on wooden clothes hangers. On the right, the front of the t-shirt has the Revive MS Support logo on it. The logo says Revive MS in white text. Around MS is a yellow circle and the M also looks like two stick figures holding hands. On the left the back of the t-shirt is shown, with the Revive logo and the text supporting people living with multiple sclerosis across Scotland.

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