There are three entrances to the gym area. One, off the main corridor, measures 1.83m / 72inches wide. The second exit at the rear of the gym measures 92cm / 36inches wide and the third entrance into the café area is 82cm / 32.3inches wide and part of a movable wall which can open fully to extend the café and gym into a larger events space.

The entrance at the main corridor is 15.5m / 50.9ft distance from the reception desk.

A treadmill next to a desk and office chair. There is a small unit holding a music sytem.

There are several types of exercise equipment in the gym including:

The standing frames and mobile speed pulley can be moved into the Physiotherapy assessment room to be used in this environment with clients.

The gym area is always staffed by our Physiotherapy team who will guide you on equipment use and exercises.

Inside a gym. There are two recumbent bikes, a weight stack, a therapy table and a set of parallel bars

There is vinyl flooring throughout the gym.

There is natural daylight and overhead lighting in the room.

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